'Sup, I'm Alex.

The Email Whisperer who runs email marketing for your favorite coaches, course creators, supplement brands. 

Which ones?

You know the ones you can't stop opening, clicking and buying from? 

Yep... those.

At my core, I'm a persuasion scientist. 

Marketing, sales, copywriting, human psychology -- all that jazz. 

Been swimmin' in the deep end of this stuff since since 2019 and I like to think I've picked up a few things along the way.

Fast forward to today? 

I'm an "ALL THE THINGS" Email Geek (deliverability, A/B testing, direct response copy, conversions, automations, ESPs, the works!)

Kinda what happens when you mash 10,000+ hours of marketing skills into the mind of a pathological storyteller & split-tester ("thanks" childhood trauma, now I'm rich!).

Anyhow... enough about me. 

Hit me up here (via email, of course!) and tell me more about YOU & your email needs.

I'm all ears and eager to help. 

Get Your Email Questions Answered

Whether you're a business owner who wants to sell more stuff via email or you want to learn how to become a highly paid Email List Manager... Drop your email.

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