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"Help! My open rates are 20% or lower & I think I'm landing in the Promo Tab or Spam Folder... Can you test my Deliverability & fix it, so I can STOP BLEEDING SALES with every single email I send?" 

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"I just wanted to shout out Alex's Inbox Intervention Deliverability services. She & her team helped me hit $30K in email launch revenue with a small list of only 2,300 (because I was finally able to get out of the Promo Tab and into Primary). If you're in the market for someone that make your email list 'rain,' look no further than Alex."  - Mark P., Chicago, IL

"OMG, Alex worked her Email Deliverability magic & I made $8,447 in 24 hrs from my previously my dead leads (who simply weren't getting my emails because they were landing in the Promo tab). Not mad about it, lol." - Samantha D., Washington D.C.

"Got on a call with Alex & figured it would be your typical 'sales call.' Instead, she gave me actionable steps to fix my deliverability issues and told me gently, that I wasn't a good fit for her Inbox Intervention service because I wasn't making enough with my biz yet to afford it (even though I was card-in-hand ready to pay her). It's refreshing to find someone who isn't out to just 'sell' you, but who genuinely cares about your success as a business owner & who provides value without asking anything in return. Trust me, there's no one else I'll hire when I'm ready." - Will B., Los Angeles, CA

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